July 11, 2006

Welcome to my NEW blog here at!

This unexpected change is due to some mixups with my webhost, and the name eventually being (100% legally) purchased by some giant company who wants to resell it for $200 US.

If you really care, here’s what happened.

When I purchased the domain name, I was using some crappy free email address Northtrex, my webhost, set up everything for me, including buying my domain name from, their domain-name people of choice I guess.

Once I had my site, I logged into my control-panel thingy at and changed my contact address to my new good address, BUT, I didn’t realize (and was never told) that I had to go change my contact address at Namecheap too. So, for the past two weeks, Namecheap has been sending emails to my email address, warning me to renew my domain name, but I never got them ’cause I stopped checking that address 12 months ago when I made the site.

Then, some domain-name harvester, who makes all of it’s money of poor schmucks like me who don’t renew their names in time, quickly bought it up and is offering it to the highest bidder. Luckily, there is very little demand for such a splendid name as, so odds are it’ll stay for sale for quite a while.

Northtrex never thought of warning me ahead of time that my name was gonna expire, ’cause they knew that Namecheap would, I guess. So now I’m stuck with 20gb of online webspace that I just renewed for another year (for $76.32 US), and no domain name pointing to it! I can buy a new domain name, and in the mean-time save up to buy my old name back.

The loss of my website sucks (the data’s there, but the name to get to it is gone), but the biggest problem there is the loss of the email address — all the mail that goes there as of July 3rd (a week ago) is gone! And there is no notice sent to those emailing it that it hasn’t reached anyone, which is totally stupid.

So, stop emailing! It does not exist, from now on, email me at Now I have to tell everyone, change my info at everysite I can think of, and generally spread the word about this change, since I probably won’t be purchasing back for quite a while!